Tower Hoist & Winch

Tower Hoist & Winch  (100 Feet)

Description of Product
Brand Name : Switech

Wire Rope ISI Tested 12 mm
Bucket Sheet 4 MM
Starter L & T or Siemens make

10 HP 3Phase Crompton/Havells make

Trolley Frame- Made out of MS Angle &  Channels with shocker (Spring)
Foundation- Made of 4”X2” and 2.5 angle with bearing attachment
Top double pulley channel made 65X125X65mm with universal arrangement
Winch machine sturdy frame made out of channels and angles and fitted with hand brake, foot brake and wooden brake.
Dog lock arrangement also available for safety purpose.
Complete with all accessories (Nut Bolts) make ‘W’.
We will also provide two shoots 08 ft. & 04 ft. for transfer the RMC from Mixer to bucket of lift. It si useful to better transfer of RMC.
Vertical Channels- 50X100X50MM or 4”X2”
(Make Vizag/Sail) Horizontal Angles- 40X40X5 MM Cross Angles- 40X40X5 MM Joints Plates- 65X10 MM Joint Angles- 40X40X5 MM Nut & Bolts- ½” Dia & 1.5” length
Material Carrying Capacity- 1000 Kg. gross load Max. Height- Up to 300 ft.
Speed- 125 Rft. Per Minute Drive- V-Belt Pulley system

With air cooled Diesel Engine 12.5 HP

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