Walk Behind Roller

Description of Product
Brand Name : Switech
Manufacturers and Suppliers of Vacuum Dewatering System, Asphalt Cutter, Vibratory Earth Compactor, Bar Cutting Machine and Bending Machine
Specifications: Walk Behind Roller
1. Mechanical all-drum travel drives with grater grade ability.
2. Compact design and small size assure rolling compaction into narrow ground.
3.Provided with the guide wheels and control lever for effortless turning.
The Machine are small-size double drum walk –behind Vibratory rollers. They are applied to compacting and maintaining all types of sand and gravel mixed bases. Base preparation in the construction of roads, parking lots sidewalks, stadium and large halls. Compaction and rolling of all types of asphalt. Especially suited for working in confined.
Technical Specification:
Model SWI/MW-B60
Engine Diesel Engine
Power Rating 10 HP
Weight 735 kg Approx.
Travel Speed 0-1.5 Km/h
Drum(WxD cm) 60×40.5 CM
Compaction 3 ton (Approx.)