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With industrial Revolution all over the World, the floor construction has been one of the serious Concerns of Architect, Engineers and users. A high quality concrete floor need not only be leveled it should also have a high compressive strength minimum water permeability and should minimized dusting at bare minimum cost. The Switech vacuum dewatering system is designed to eliminate the ill effects of extra water presence inside the concrete through vacuum dewatering treatment. The surplus
water is removed from the concrete, which means that the ratio of water in cement is drastically reduced after applying vacuum dewatering system. A lowered water/cement ratio automatically leads to noticeable improvement in almost each of concrete properties.Benefits of Switech vacuum dewatering system are as follow:
cat-arrow Maximizes the compressive strength of concrete by 40 - 70% (higher increase at the top surface)
cat-arrow Increase in Wear Resistance by 100 - 150%.
cat-arrow Reduced shrinkage of concrete floor about 150%.
cat-arrow The concrete floor gains earlier strength after applying vacuum treatment than normal way thus earlier utilization is possible.
cat-arrow Remarkable increase for rest Resistance.
cat-arrow Surface permeability is reduced to 0 (Under Laboratory Condition)
cat-arrow Porosity is reduced by 20% (i.e. Dense Concrete)
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